We teach classes in IT Security, both at our offices and at client sites. Our specialized teachers cover a vast variety of topics. Whether you need an experienced class or one tailored on your needs, we will help you in reaching an higher standard.

  • In-Class Training

    This formula provides an immersing experience into IT Security topics, covering theoretical basis as well as relying on a strong hand-on approach.

  • On-the-Job Training

    It's useful to have someone by your side who can help improving the skills you need to apply to your daily tasks. Our experts can teach you the topics most relevant to you, working with you side by side.

  • Security Awareness Programs

    It's the people that make your company what it is. We can train your employees, as well as your managers, to make sure that every single person plays its role in the perpetual defense against threat actors. Contact us if you want to enhance your digital survival instinct, play with our serious games or see how many of your employees are susceptible to a phishing campaign.

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