9 out of 10 large organisations suffer from security breaches. That means successful attacks. Every attack leaves important information behind itself. Automated tools can help you to increase your security level, but they're just a piece of the puzzle. With our support you will be able to find the missing pieces, identify the culprits and restore your business-as-usual condition.

  • Targeted attacks detection and response

    The one attack specifically tailored to suit your environment is what get the attackers inside your network. In fact, during these attacks, custom tools are used to bypass powerful and common defenses. We can identify such attacks and help you deploy proper countermeasures.

  • SOC Design

    Whether you need a centralized security team or want to build a dedicated unit to deal with security issues regarding a specific circle of professionals (Top Management), we have the skills you're looking for to build a Security Operation Center. From policies and procedures to day-by-day activities and automation, you get the benefit of a qualified team at your service.

  • Digital Forensics

    If you want to gather post mortem information with aseptic, scientific techniques or if you want to enforce your case with conclusive evidence our digital forensic expert analysts will get what you need, saving you time and efforts.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Have you ever noticed similarities and differences among different attacks? Some attacks depend on the outcome of others and this make the attackers put a lot of effort in their activities. Face your enemies with the same arsenal: we analyse and correlate the attacks thoroughly so you can prevent the next one.

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