About us

Mentat is an independently managed cyber security consultancy company, made by a diverse and talented group of technology professionals.

We use a combination of IT experience, expertise and intelligence to help you protect your business, identify security threats, respond to incidents and find out the culprits when bad things happen. All of that under the light of a scientific approach without useless speculations.

Our client base is made of various sizes across multiple industries, including blue chip companies and governmental institutions.
Unlike many other players focused on selling products in which they have financial motivations, we are totally vendor independent and product agnostic. We provide unbiased advice and help our clients select the best solutions on a per-case basis.

    In the past, as part of our assignments, we:

  • Liberated 1.5mln from a bank
  • Successfully hacked over 500 systems
  • Helped blue-chip companies recover from armageddon-like incidents
  • Reported dozens of new vulnerabilities
  • Analyzed emerging threats and shared our findings with several antivirus vendors
  • Replied to zillions of emails

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