Proactive defense

Want to see how hackproof you are? Atttack your systems before someone else does. This is the key attitude behind proactive security. Act before something bad has already happened. Hire us to probe your infrastructure and find any existing weaknesses.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    We can take snapshots of your infrastructure security, showing underlying vulnerabilities and tracking your weak points. We will identify your weaknesses and prioritize countermeasures.

  • Penetration Tests

    Simulating a real world attack will identify how an attacker would exploit your current systems and damage your infrastructure. A credible attack offers you the right point of view to choose the best defence strategy, saving you time and money.

  • APT Simulations

    This is the ultimate activity to uncover the security posture of your whole company. It's the exact same attack the bad guys would carry against your company to pass through your best and worst defences. A powerful tool to help your managing choices.

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