Reasearch occupies an important place in our day to day activity. We look for new threats and use our findings to develop new security tools or enhance existing ones. We share critical results with our clients based on each different need.

  • Vulnerability Research

    We look for unknown vulnerabilities hidden in web applications, stand-alone software, operating systems, hardware devices and enterprise applications on commission or independently. In the latter case we follow a responsible disclosure policy.

  • Reverse Engineering

    We study stuff to understand its functionalities and properties. Reverse engineering comes handy when finding vulnerabilities, analyzing a malware, assessing software protection scheme or extending legacy software .

  • Development

    The right piece of software helps in many ways. It automates and manages daily security services, or demonstrates a vulnerability and exploits it (POCs). It helps detecting malware, or custom malware can be used by red teams in above the average aggressive penetration tests. This is what we usually develop.

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